New York Magpies vs Chicago United

2006_team_photo_chicago_garden_city_smallChicago came to town last weekend to face the New York Magpies. The Pies were playing their debut game at a new field in Garden City that turned out to be a fantastic field and one which we hope to play at again. It was disappointing to see the Swans only bring 9 players but the game must always go on and to honor those that turned up, the Pies supplied a few players so that a meaningful game could take place.

Under an overcast but warm sky, the first ball was bounced and from the outset, the game was on. The Swans, led by several Pies and some talented local players shocked the Black and Whites early on kicking the first goal and having many opportunities to take the advantage on the scoreboard. Slowly, NY worked their way into the game and at quarter time the Pies lead by 3 goals.

The 2nd and 3rd qtrs saw the Pies continues to apply scoreboard pressure although the Swans continued to try hard. Brian Jackson, Mike Dixon and Peter Khalill, playing for the Swans, can hold their heads up high as they were clearly 3 of the best players for the visitors. In between some fumbling and sloppy ground skills, the Pies showcased their running game with many goals coming from hard running from the back line. With linking handball and accurate kicks, the Pies built their lead to over 10 goals by three quarter time. Walt Lin continues to impress this year with his fitness allowing him to be constantly running forward and linking into the play. Up forward, Dave Schultz showed his knack for goal kicking remains as he booted 4, ably supported by Darren Toohey with 3. Usual suspects Reuben Murray, Ojas Desai and Tim Buxton were they’re silky and skillful best running through the middle and providing plenty of run. The Magpies running brigade worked well but will most definitely need to hone their skills for Boston. The 4th qtr was all NY as the Pies slammed on the goals to run away with the game with Drew kicking his first goal for the Pies.

In defense, the fact that the Swans lacked any real forward presence was due to the great work by the Pies back six. Using their run and accurate passing, the Pies started many forward thrusts from here and the backline should hold their heads up high. Unlucky Doug Lewis copped a nasty knock to the leg that will need to be watched carefully.

Coaches Devine and Hendrie were happy with the overall result of the Pies 95 point win but plenty of work still needs to be done to be ready for the biggest match of the year in 2 weeks time. It is crucial that all players make an effort to get to training this week and start to focus on the upcoming matches.

New York Magpies 18.15 123 def. Chicago United 4.4 28

Goal scorers: Dave Schultz 4, Darren Toohey 3, Tim Buxton 3, Walt 2, Reuben 2, Jimmy P, Dylan, Andrew Bridges and Drew

Until then, seeya at the footy

James Polulach

Video – First Half

Video – Second Half

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